Harry Style's Style...

For me, Harry Styles 100% deserved to win the British Style Award last week. He compliments a cool, laid-back, rock style so effortlessly, who has come a long way from wearing unflattering polo shirts, baggy chinos and skate shoes. He now wears items of clothing from leading brands Saint Laurent and Burberry, could you ask for any cooler brands? Probably not. Harry Styles, I would also say brought back the skinny ripped jeans look, as seen wearing this look at the most recent London Fashion Week. So with a Saint Laurent Shearling coat, a pair of Chelsea boots and let's not forget his watch collection! that vintage Rolex...WOW! Harry Styles proves why he is worthy of such an honour. Below are a selection of my favourite looks from the 'Styles' icon himself. (Did you really think I would leave that word-play?)

Get the Harry Styles look...a high street shop I believe is going great this current season is ZARA, at the moment, it has great influences from the Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Menswear show (see my Biker Jacket post) and I would really recommend it to anyone, I already own some of the below.
Duffle Coat: £99.99
Striped Jumper: £29.99 (own)
Ripped Jeans: £29.99
Ankle Boots: £79.99
Chelsea Boots: £79.99 (own)
Scarf: £25.99

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