Dsquared² A/W 2014 Menswear

As men's fashion has just ended in Milan, it has come the time that I review my favourite show from over the past few days in Milan. Caten's Penitentiary...often described as the 'best dressed prison' but can you disagree? no? thought so. Probably the most contemporary fashion brand at the moment, the Canadian twins once again wowed me!

Dean and Dan Caten...
If you haven't guessed already Dean and Dan are identical twins, Shock! they were born in Canada and are the designers of Dsquared² and let me just say these are up there with the best designers of today, and so so contemporary, which makes me love them more. Mainly due to being interested in fashion from such a young age, although their journey, let's say begun when in 1983 they moved to New York to attend Parsons: The New School for Design. In 1991 they set off for Italy where in 1994 after many collaborations, presented their first ever menswear show. Making it the first of many extravagant shows to come. Now, dividing their life and work between cities, Milan and London, they live by the motto, 'Born in Canada, Living in London, Made in Italy'

A/W 2014 Menswear Show:
Entitled 'Mad Lock' the show once again didn't disappoint. Of course taking inspiration from prison, and borrowing colours and motifs from those who are locked up behind bars. Although it didn't end at just the prisoners, other garments took inspiration from also involved with a prison, including guards, psychiatrists, priests and finally lawyers. With it being a Dsquared² show, I wasn't at all surprised that we seen some pieces of clothing that the Canadian twins are master at, Leather and Denim. Overall a jam-packed show so lets begin.

Penitentiary Orange
Penitentiary orange is the new black, I guess as it was seen throughout the first few looks of the show, and I think I've mentioned this in a previous post that I love seeing a pop of a bright colours in Autumn and Winter and this was no exception. This season orange was seen on quilted nylon jackets and a quilted v-neck t shirt, which was layered over suit jacket and a white shirt.

Double Denim
Nothing says masculine more so than denim, and denim always seems to be key at any Dsquared² ready-to-wear collections. This time we seen it in a more distressed look, and the jeans offered a 1980's Britain feeling with the high turn-ups (which perfectly matched to the work-style boots) accessorized with chains, handcuffs and prison cell keys, which I just thought was a perfect accessory. The denim jacket underneath the overcoat really reminded me like British prisoners in films like Mean Machine.

Camel/Tobacco Overcoats
I don't know whether it's just me, but I always just picture like bad boys or prisoners in a camel or tobacco coloured overcoat (and hat and glasses and doctors bag) The colour of these overcoats also worked perfectly with the colour of the denim used underneath. I can also imagine high street interpretations coats like these in ZARA next year, but who knows I'll guess we'll just have to wait.

Shirt Motifs
I really don't think a Dsquared² would be a Dsquared² show without a fun, quirky shirt motif. In this case it read simply ''Caten's Penitentiary'' which I first seen printed on the back of orange quilted jackets and also printed on the front of a grey hoody. The other one a came across was ''Dsquared² Cell Block'' and this was printed across the chest of a white button-down shirt. 

Note: I'm sorry but I couldn't not add and show you this, the straight-jacket...You may be thinking this is quite sick and has a dark atmosphere but you haven't seen my sixth form artwork which I handed in today, anyway going off topic slightly, here it is!

One last thing, because at the minute I'm loving so many shows in Paris now, Louis Vuitton and Valentino and many more, I think I may have to post more than one show for Paris Menswear. Now my art has finished for a week or so, hopefully I can find the time for these. Hopefully.
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