Burberry A/W 2014 Menswear

Lately I'm been sounding just so apologetic, but it's just that I'm sorry for missing the last posts I had planned for the remaining shows at LC:M keeping in my mind that shows in Milan have now started, I thought that best thing to do was review my favourite show from each fashion capital. Now, it's time to post about one of my all-time favourite fashion brands and that is of course the iconic Burberry, under Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey.

Christoper Bailey
Yorkshire-born Christopher Bailey, is currently Chief Creative Officer of the Burberry brand. A man who is essentially responsible the image of the brand on a whole. Bailey joined the Burberry brand in 2001, and has since won numerous awards, including Honorary Fellowship from the Royal College of Art, in 2003 (The place where he graduated from in 1994) In 2005, he was presented with Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, the year later, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Westminster (1990 graduate) Finally he has twice won Menswear Designer of the Year (2007 and 2008) Overall what I was meant to say, is that Christopher Bailey is truly a master at fashion and truly one of the reasons that struck my initial interest in fashion, so for that and Burberry in general, I thank him.

A/W 2014 Menswear Show...
If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I am a huge fan of the Burberry Shows, and look forward to them each and every year, you may also be aware that this collection was no exception, I adored this show. To begin, what better way to represent your hometown, than to take inspiration from art and London and to feature the most iconic landmarks of London, perfect for what I think is the most British brand around. What brings in a sense of Burberry travel, is the landmarks from other cities around the World. I loved every look from the collection, but to be fair can you blame me, I loved the mankets, the oversized bags, the classic scarves made modern, and finally no Burberry show is complete without the trench coat. I literally cannot wait for what Bailey has to reveal for his womanswear collection at London Fashion Week next month, and I'm kind of hoping for a collection almost identical to this (Burberry is perfect for British romance in their collections) something that works great with the men's show.

Let's kick this off with one of my favourite ever pieces possible for outerwear, and that is Shearling, and I loved the way he done this back in the 2010 show, so it was stating the obvious that I would also love this seasons take on Shearling. This year it was seen on a sort of tan suede donkey jacket, which was my favourite, and it was also seen on a black leather biker jacket and a deep brown coat as well.

The classic Burberry scarf was a key feature in this menswear show, seen in silk, but tied and over the backs of the models in the ready-to-wear collection. Mankets (Men's blanket) was seen oversized and worn in the most laid-back-cool-kind-of-vibe way possible, hanging loosely draped off one shoulder of the models, as they walked down the Kensington Gardens runway. Scarves and Mankets were seen in the legendary check pattern, a geometric/modern birdseye view of london and finally autumnal floral patterns-all of which had a 'Paintsy' feeling to them as did the clothes themselves.

As well as seeing some heavyweight outerwear, those in shearling, there was also contrasting lightweight outerwear featured on some Burberry classics, the Trench coat, and the Caban, in particualr. I love the fact that these lightweight choices are perfect for those days in Autumn and Winter that are quite warm, especially with British weather being kind of all over the place recently, one day it's raining, the next it's sunny and then cold, well I hope you understand the point I'm trying to make here. I love the red printed caban in silk, because as a lover of art (painting and illustration) myself the print was simply amazing and worked extremely well with the shape of this coat and the matching silk scarf.

Finally, I had to mention the painting inspired oversized Holdalls that were carried by the majority of the models as they graced down the runway on the final day of LC:M 2014. My four favourite holdalls are the following...

On the holdall above, I was just amazed by the colours chosen, they were simple incredible, especially the orange focused on just below the centre of bag, to those who don't have the greatest interest in art, I would be very surprised if Christopher Bailey didn't take inspiration from the works of Piet Modrian.

The obvious reason I love this holdall is the material, I am a sucker for alligator, however I find it's very hard to get right and especially when mixing colours, moreover Burberry gets it right because the Tan and the hand-painted Racing Green stripe works well so effortlessly, overall very polo, very classic car racing and very British!

Probably my favourite of all of the holdalls from the Burberry show, is the one above. Again Burberry is 'on the money' (well that's a term I have never used) with the choice of colours, the black and yellow lights against that New York turquoise backdrop. The idea of layering comes up again as it is actually laser-cut leather laid over suede, just makes the bag much more interesting and amazing! I also am amazed by the fact that all motifs were hand drawm, something as an artist myself I can respect.

Finally I also love this bag and again can respect the fact that it is hand painted on suede, of course making every bag unique to the next bag. The neutral tones are also a nice change to some of the electric colours and exotic fabrics of the previous bags I chosen. Floral designs were also seen on pieces from the clothes of the collection, so the matching was also nice to see. On a whole I found that these holdalls were the perfect carrying accessory to the show, and that these were the only style of bags used.

 Burberry A/W 2014 Menswear