Louis Vuitton A/W 2014 Menswear

Your're probably thinking that, what is the point of posting about a show that was a week ago? Well to answer that, I love what Kim Jones is doing with Louis Vuitton menswear that I just had to post about it, regardless of how in the past the show actually was. Anyway this show was, may I say just as perfect as the five collections he's done prior to this Louis Vuitton show, and I honestly cannot wait for what is to come in the future with Louis Vuitton menswear collections.

Louis Vuitton
let's be honest, Louis Vuitton is probably the biggest known name in fashion and there is a reason behind this speculation, their ready-to-wear line is always perfected and let's not forget about the shoes, the bags, the luggage, the scarves and whatever else we have been graced with over the years. Since arriving at Louis Vuitton in early 2011, Kim Jones hasn't changed the fact that Louis Vuitton still puts on a fantastic show, still with fantastic clothes, and the same happened this time around, so let's begin.

A/W 2014 Menswear Show...
Ok, I honestly only just found out that Kim Jones did actually come close to dying when researching for his A/W 2014 Menswear collection, if it's true I'm not entirely sure, but let's be honest that's dedication into putting on a great show. I think the story is, when flying to the Atacama Desert, in Chile his plane suffered from updrafts and downdrafts, as it was in a windy season. Anyway let's talk fashion now, the overcoats where phenomenal, as were the scarves worn over one shoulder, as were the stripes and fuzzy mohair.

Fuzzy Mohair
It probably really rare that I would wear a fuzzy mohair piece of clothing, however when Louis Vuitton do mohair, it's kinda hard not to like, and in this case I did like them. The striped one with a variation of blue shades was quite amazing, but let's not forget the slightly off-white jumper with blended-in pattern to front.

Front Fur
I love fur, but being totally honest, who doesn't love fur especially in those cold, dark Winter nights. But Kim Jones done fur in a slightly more Louis Vuitton kind-of-way, and that was keeping it to the front of the items of clothing from the RTW collection. It's probably quite easy to guess which one is my favourite, but I'll say it anyway...Of course it is the first image, I mean it's bomber jacket length, it has a fur collar/front and it's in a khaki colour and finally I think we can also all guess how amazing it would feel, it is Louis Vuitton, masters of materials. I also find the jumper in the third image, could be kept quite formal, with a white shirt underneath BUT still keeping it very 'fashion forward'

The Colour Camel 
A camel-coloured overcoat is something I really want but never really got round to buying to one, so the images below will inspire definitely for later on in the year, because I don't think I'll be able to afford a Louis Vuitton overcoat, as I'm guessing these will be hard into the thousands. Nevertheless they were very nice coats. I also really loved the camel-coloured jumper, with the sleeves rolled-up, and with what I presume is like an underlayer type top under the jumper. Anyway way, it looked great with those navy trousers.

Over The Top
I think every overcoat that was worn was worn over the top, on the shoulders of the models as they walked down the runway. My favourite overcoat I think was the first one, which was navy with the red Chilean stripes towards the bottom. It just looked so elegant, with the navy double-breasted suit underneath and matching scarf also worn hanging off one shoulder, as were all of the scarves I think (Same was seen at the Burberry show) I also really liked the grey overcoat with the black suit underneath.

Luxury Waterproofing
I think I first seen lightweight, shiny waterproof jackets, for Kim Jones' third collection as creative director for menswear, which was like at the sea, fisherman type inspired. I'm not totally wowed by the black one in the third image, moreover the other two, in navy blue, light blue and burgundy are quite to die for, they are amazing to say a little. The shape of the them is just as good as the idea behind them, the colours used on them and that is why I love them so much and why there up there with my favourite looks from the show.

Bomber Jackets
 Another item you all probably may have guessed that I like is the bomber jacket, so it was kinda obvious that I would like the ones from Louis Vuitton. To begin, they're all incredible and if they probably weren't so expensive, I would snap them up as soon as I could (yeah, that's right all three of them) Although I love them all, there's one in particular that is still a million miles (???) nicer than the other two, and that is the camel coloured one...I LOVE this bomber jacket. Enough said. Not to mention the alligator skin Keepall that is being carried by the model. Love!!! (sorry)

Finally, how in God's name, was that floor and backdrop all hand-painted, I mean WOW! that is just quite simply Incredible! I know this may not mean a lot to some people, but after finding this out, I was left astonished. Again well done Mr. Kim Jones.