Saint Laurent Paris A/W 2014 Menswear

Hi once again, as I am going to review my favourite brand, this may be the fastest post upload after the actual show, well in fact ever for me (to be fair it is Saint Laurent) In his third collection under creative director of Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane once again failed to disappoint. I literally cannot wait to share with you all, my thoughts on the show and have been waiting to do so since like what, Thursday I think it was. Anyway lets begin.

Saint Laurent Paris
Founded in 1961, by the legend himself that is Yves Saint Laurent, YSL was one of the world's first and most prominent luxury fashion houses. The brand itself is known for some very distinctive items of clothing, still used in the world of fashion today, including the tuxedo jacket for woman and so so much more. In 2012, it was announced that the creative director of the brand would be Hedi Slimane, who over much controversy renamed the ready-to-wear line Saint Laurent Paris. (although I don't see a problem with that)

A/W 2014 Menswear Show...
Rockstar once again could be seen throughout this show, although this time however it was more teddy boy than raging punk! the pinstripes, those overcoats were quite simply to die for and I'm not even anywhere close to exaggerating there, well maybe a little. there's not much else I can really say, other than I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you all. (have I said that?)

Animal Print
Let's be honest, what is more rockstar than animal print? besides sex and drugs. Animal print was quite varied in the Saint Laurent menswear collection. It was on some pieces, over the top and sometimes kept quite minimal but overall looked the 'part' on every piece! my favorite animal piece was the leopard bomber jacket with black leather sleeves, I also really loved what I think is a jumper and that's the zebra one on the second image below. Screw it I loved them all.

Black has probably been the biggest colour trend of the season, and Slimane's take on the colour was no exception as it was used wisely, especially on the suit with the black Chesterfield...which I may say was my favourite look on the black trend. Black is also perfect for nailing that rockstar or teddy boy type look, but always remember, only include parts of a trend in your overall look, werk it in small amounts.

Inner Lumberjack
I remember seeing lumberjack on the show last year, A/W 2013 and I love the fact Hedi Slimane worked it into his show for Saint Laurent this year. Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw were seen wearing the lumberjack style bomber jacket throughout the later part of last year, so I guess this trend has something about it, anyway let's see the ones from this years collection.

Shearling is also a major trend for Autumn and Winter 2014/2015 as it was seen on a lot of the catwalks over the past 2 weeks. However as you may have guessed my favourite was the ones I witnessed on Sunday night at the Saint Laurent show. The shearling was on-point from Saint Laurent and this trend was also seen at last years show. I also much prefer seeing shearling jackets in a tan colour over like black or brown, like the ones at the Burberry show a couple of weeks ago. Never until now, have I realised just how much I want one, so I guess that means Hedi Slimane has proved dominance in fashion once again.

Lots of Leather
Leather is and always has played a key part in anything Saint Laurent, only this time Hedi Slimane went that little step more in the direction of uniqueness. Collars had animal print fur on biker jacket (image used above) there was leather pants with like tie-tassels along the side, a little bit like the ones seen in the Isabel Marant Pour H&M line, and may I say looked amazing with that gold sparkling blazer and shiny red creepers. I also really loved the cropped leather jacket on the last image and call me weird for this but I genuinely love the shape of the arms. I'm not that fussed on the leather coat, although that may be because I could never pull it off, but the blazer with leather lapels I like.

Oversized Overcoats
No teddy boy look is complete without an overcoat, so lets discuss them seen at the Saint Laurent show. To begin we have to mention the 'oversized houndstooth oversized overcoat' yeah! the model just looks so effortlessly cool even though it is a statement piece, as it adds that little (big) edge to the plain grey two-piece suit. For some strange reason I can picture Kyle Anderson wearing this, if you don't know who he is or follow him on Instagram, you should. I also love the stone coloured lightweight (I presume) Mac, and is it just me or does the model wearing this look like Alex Turner when Arctic Monkeys begun?

Note: There's nothing more rockstar or cooler than sunglasses and Hedi Slimane obviously caught onto that!
 Saint Laurent Paris A/W 2014 Menswear Show


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