London Collections: Men SS15 (Day 2)

Hi guys, well I loved Day 1 at LC:M how did you feel about it? Feel free to leave a comment on your views regarding Day 1. Anyway, it is now time to share my thoughts about the second day at London Collections and I'm sure it'll be as good as the first. Day 2 featured heavyweight fashion brand, Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton I must say has been doing a fantastic job, since taking over the fashion house back in May 2010. Also on Day 2 at LC:M we witnessed brands like JW Anderson, who may I say is also doing an amazing job. We also seen James Long, someone I've been loving lately and finally we also seen a new face in London, and that was Jeremy Scott designing under Moschino, who this season I'm not too sure about at all, anyway I'll discuss my views later on in the post.

Alexander McQueen
Lets kick this post off with a bang, two words that send shivers down everyone's back when it comes to fashion in London, Alexander McQueen! I loved this show, everything about it, the shape of the clothes, the construction of the clothes, the colour palette used throughout the collection, how those blues, those reds and that mustard colour bounced off the clothes in whimsical swirls and shapes, inspired by Alexander Calder's bright and bold, disjointed and kinetic sculptures, and how modern and upbeat the show was, something new for McQueen. As for the models, hair fringes dragged recklessly down the side of the models' faces suggested something to hide, covering not only their eyes, but their identity as well, which was a nice contrast between the empty facial expressions (imagined) and the bold designs of the garments. Similar to Katie Eary AW14 Menswear, the S&M bondage straps across the chest, I adored and it added to that element of 'I'm punk I don't give a FUCK what you think' which I get that feeling a lot from McQueen menswear collections, just superb, honestly. Well done again, Miss Burton. my favourite looks in this show are endless, the damn list is endless, but I have to say I particularly loved the roll neck jumpers, which I usually wouldn't associate with Spring/Summer but because it was mainly white, and the detail colours were so bright and the material looked quite thin, that I began to think, maybe roll necks can be suitable in July. What I also loved was the oversize not only on the top, but the bottom also. Normally you see a lot of larger silhouettes coming from shirts or coats, with slim trousers, but in this collection, the opposite was introduced, fitted tops with oversized trousers, which again added to the modernism. What also felt modern and just London, was the trainers being worn with 'formal' attire, double breasted jackets etc. and those patent black and white shoes were just to die for, like really. Well anyway I hope I haven't bored you all too much, so here are images from the show below.

JW Anderson
Lets be honest, Jonathan William Anderson, or to most people JW Anderson, is smashing it at the moment, it's one show I look forward to each season at both LC:M and LFW. His androgynous approach and interesting approach to fashion is so unique and the reason why I love him so much, as there are just as many wearable pieces from the woman's collection for men and vice versa. This season saw JW Anderson take a more subtle approach, maybe not colour-wise, but definitely to his designs, as his designs were minimal yet at the same time managed to make them artistically beautiful. Which as an art student who loves fashion, could relate to in an instant. And again, if you know me, you'll know my favourite pieces were the three t-shirts that opened the show, how boring of me. The show was so seductive, last year we seen shoulders being revealed in Woman's collections and now JW Anderson has done this to his men's collection. And the designer himself commented after the show "A little bit sleepy, a little bit erotic and little bit dirty all at the same time" Also we seen traditional men's suits and ties that were deconstructed and re-worked into something that at any given time could just fall from the male model, as he walked down the runway, sections cut out of garments and knitwear shrunken to within an inch of it's life. Very very sexual to a woman's eyes I guess, and maybe even to some men (not me haha) It was safe to say, this collection got the blood rushing, and not because it was highly controversial or explicit but that it was beautiful crafted, and revealed just enough flesh on a man to achieve this, and as I said earlier it all down to the fact it was kept minimal. Oh and his online store has now launched, so why not go over there and check that out. My favourite looks from the collection to follow...

Jeremy Scott's first ever men's collection for Moschino, to felt like a bit of a roller coaster ride because at times it was good designing, but then at other times really really poor. The collection started as his woman's AW14 collection ended, with sugar filled treats as Scott's inspiration. I get the fact Jeremy Scott has took his inspiration from 1980's Moschino bold and loud prints, but I just don't think he done it all too well at times unfortunately. The first set of clothes I actually felt looked much better on the woman models who graced the catwalk. What I also didn't really get was all the dollar signs used to make the brand look luxurious, it just looked really cliche and kind of cheap and nasty. However what I really did enjoy about the show was the 1990's inspired looks that featured halfway through the collection. I felt that the Moschino logo was maybe a little overused (logo-mania) but still looked quite on point. I also really like the mix of sweatshirt material and netting, it looked super hip hop and certainly on trend and would definitely consider buying some of these when made available, the dreadlocks was also a big 90's trend. However, I think my favourite look throughout the entire show, was worn by a woman, netted crop top with sweatpants, I mean a man couldn't wear the top, but it was still my favourite look. I must admit, I did kind of like the denim looks, in particular the oversized denim coat. To conclude, I understand what Jeremy Scott was trying to accomplish with this SS15 menswear collection, I just don't think he done it any justice, but it;s weird because I loved his AW14 woman's collection, maybe it just doesn't work for men. Anyway here are the best looks for me.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, where I will discuss Day 3 of London Collections: Men SS15 and look forward to the rest of the menswear shows from the three remaining fashion capitals.
Leave a comment with your favourite show from the past three days and what show you are most looking forward to?
My favourite LCM show so far is a close call between Topman Design and Alexander McQueen and I'm looking forward to Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Dsquared2 (obviously)