London Collections: Mens SS15 (Day 3)

Day 3 at LC:M was always going to be the day that saves the best for last, this day in particular shown us some of London's heavyweight champions in fashion, must I say it, when everyone knows what brand I'm talking about, yeah you probably guessed it, it is of course Christopher Bailey and Burberry. This show again did not disappoint and I can really not wait to talk about their SS15 show with you all. Also on day 3, we seen a brand that I love, it's a relatively new brand and that is Katie Eary so that will be fun to discuss, again great show. Also to discuss, E. Tautz which I loved, and have been the last few seasons, Patrick Grant is a fantastic and innovative designer, and who could forget Tom Ford (well I nearly did) also and another new-ish brand (2010) A. Sauvage. Anyway, let's crack on, but who shall we begin with?

E. Tautz
I absolutely loved this season's E. Tautz show and I find that Patrick Grant is doing a fantastic job as head designer of the brand. This season we saw an unexpected twist on British people having a day at the beach, especially in the era we live in today. Instead, Patrick Grant was influenced by a book called 'A Day Off' by photographer Tony Ray-Jones, a book that depicts the English having leisure time, relaxing somewhere in the UK, whist sticking to the same theme, the designer also added photographs circa 1980 by Martin Parr to his mood board. What stood out for me, was the oversized and high-waisted shorts, that just had fabulous shaping to them. I was also a huge fan of the oversized waterproof jackets, which had an amazing shine to them, especially the olive coloured jackets. Which brings me on to my next point, the colour scheme wasn't your typical Spring/Summer colours, the collection featured heavily on blacks, blues and olive tones but providing they're used with the right material, it works. And to mention this was a slight risk for Mr. Grant. to use these colours. I loved the Louboutin transformed into sandals, by literally cutting out sections of the upper. The bold and wide stripes suggested maybe an inspiration from deck chairs and also suggested a  1960's seaside mods influence. The sunglasses I found were also some of the best designed glasses from over the past three days. The only flaw for me was the raw denim used, but I generally don't like raw denim anyway, so I won't hold that against the collection. Overall, I found that it was a great cohesive collection and as you probably may have guessed here are my favourite looks from the show.

Katie Eary
Katie Eary has become a menswear show I now look forward to every season, but this season I hated it. Nah I'm only joking I freaking loved this collection. Did I have you there? No? OK! Anyway, as soon as I seen the first look of the collection, I thought that this has got to be inspired by 'Dallas Buyers Club' as guess what it was. The collection had many similarities the Topman Design show from Sunday, although the jeans were much more skinny and a little less flared. I preferred the Katie Eary jeans. And it was a little more 1970's porn. But what I also enjoyed and thought was quite fun and cool was the peace signs and cactus's on some of the jeans. I'm loving the seventies vibe for SS15 by the way, leave a comment on whether or not you're liking this retro trend? Known for her choice of bright colours and bold graphics, Eary injected this into SS15 but at times it had a bit more of a subtle touch to it, I can best describe it as hazed out maybe? I don't know, it looked like photography of the seventies, take a look on Katie's Instagram and you'll understand what I was trying to say. I'm also loving long hair on men at the moment, but I don't think I could pull long hair off, nor do I think I would have the patience to grow my hair out, and of course I loved the quiffs on the boys. Bit personal...moving on. Another massive trend around now, and I'm possibly thinking next year now also is reflective lens aviator sunglasses. The finale walk was to a perfect vintage/modern song and that was a remix of Lana Del Ray's 'Blue Jeans' And knowing Katie Eary watches Breaking Bad, just makes me love her all the more. If at all possible. Finally here are my best looks from the show.

A. Sauvage
A brand that I have been loving lately, and SS15 just proved my love for A. Sauvage, it is a brand that has coped with the pressure of being a newly established brand and that is one of the main reasons for as to why I appreciate and respect it. A. Sauvage has taken upon the 'new' London design aesthetic, which is like classic tailoring being updated with modern luxury and further enhancing technologies. This season it done just that, with a no clutter, easy on the eye garments, which exemplifies the designers philosophy of dressing easy. This season, A. Sauvage built upon elements from last season, with graphic prints and contemporary tailoring being layered over sweats, which I find to be quite cool and definitely very London. Everybody loves smart casual every now and then. What else I am super in love with is slip on skate shoes, especially these ones seen in a monochrome graphic print. Adding trainers, at times really helps if you wanted to simplify and add a definition of coolness to a tailored suit, but keep it simple as this could very easily go wrong. Colours were bold but extremely confident, that canary yellow car coat is perfect for Summer, in particular the chillier days of Summer, maybe even for a night time? I also heard that the designer teamed up with Microsoft to develop the World's first pair of wireless charging trousers, made with the use of an integrated charging plate, Wow! I wasn't expecting to see anything of the sort, but then again technologies improve every day, so why not link it to fashion. The pieces that stood out most for me, included the printed oxford shirts, of course the yellow coat, aaahhhhh forget it, they all stood out to me. Don't be surprised if I upload every look below.

Burberry Prorsum
The one we've all been waiting for, Burberry is the epitome of British fashion, the brand is an absolute icon and welcome to anywhere on the planet. For Autumn and Winter 2014, we witnessed Burberry's inspiration from the art world, and for Spring and Summer 2015, novelist and travel writer Bruce Chatwin. Again, like last season we seen hand painted prints and the same this season, as an art student myself you may have guessed I would have loved these. I have been seeing a lot of retro bucket hats lately, really 'chavvy' ones from brands like Lacoste and Ellesse, but then when I seen Burberry do it for 2015, it was just a whole different "story" haha get it, story? novels? anyway moving on, I loved them, and I love what Burberry is doing lately, giving all the models that same accessory, in a different colour or print. This season, it was the bucket hats, last season it was those amazing bags. What is perfect for London also, is the running trainers worn with suits, a trend I can see catching on again, and not just for business men in London. Again, an accessory so simple like the document holders and notebooks were perfect. The live performances for their collections is always spot on, and Benjamin Clementine was outstanding to watch throughout the whole show. The colours were more dull than bright, but still very Spring/Summer, those deep purples and bottle greens used on both velvet and suede, different but again perfect colour palette, and keeping the majority of looks in the same hue, was a great change to dressing. The denim jackets, layered under blazers was a nice alternative, and how can I forget those duffle coats, You'll see my love for them if you follow me on Instagram. And those printed t-shirts "History of English Tailoring" fabulous. Like A. Sauvage, this Burberry collection to me was faultless, it was just outstanding, from the colours, to the relaxed fitting and shaping to the clothes, right down to the accessories. It has been a pleasure to write about this collection to have Burberry back home in London. Thank you Christopher Bailey. My greatest looks from the show to feature below, and now I may consider using them all, I should just really link you to or something haha!

Well, there you have it, London Collection: Men is finally over, it has been a great three days of fashion in London as you all know. I shouldn't wish time away, because it goes too fast anyway, but I literally cannot wait for the next LC:M! Join me, as I blog about my reactions to the collections at the remaining men's fashion weeks and of course the Woman's fashion weeks too in September. I don't say this enough, but I would like to give a massive thank you to all of you who read my blog, regardless of how many there are. It just means a lot to me that some people do actually spend time out of their day to read my posts.

*Sorry for not uploading this post on Wednesday as I planned, my internet was running really slow, and just got to a point where I just couldn't find it in me to finish.