Milan Fashion Week Menswear SS15 (Day 3 and 4)

Days 3 and 4 of Milan Fashion Week menswear featured some of the biggest names in the industry, icons like Armani, Gucci and Fendi presented, but also more contemporary houses like Dsquared2, a show in which I look forward every season, both menswear and womenswear. I don't normally love Milan all that much, because it's not normally the clothes I would typically look for, but I have to say I have really enjoyed seeing what was on offer at the Milan collections this season. So let's begin with my coverage of the final two days at the menswear shows in Milan.

I loved this show. Enough said. No you got me, of course I'm joking! This Spring/Summer Gucci menswear show was just so sartorially cool, I mean everybody loves a sailor. Frida Giannini says that a Gucci man has a total of two looks, they are a well dressed jet setter with a free rock n' roll spirit. And for this show, that initial concept was so easily combined, but also perfected. There wasn't a point throughout the whole show, that I felt that the clothes were just cliche sailor type Halloween costumes, which could have happened so easily. What avoided this, was the exceptional tailoring, and just the billionaire yacht owner feel it had to it, without making it too glamourous or too showing off, if you get what I mean. What I loved was the stripes that featured on blazers, I also read somewhere that button had anchors stamped on them, which sounds great, and the bags that were shown, had rope detailing on them, and with straps worn sach-like across the chest, suggested royal. I'm not a huge fan of uniform, but this collection wa fab-u-lous haha and if I could sum it up in just three words, it would be pristine, nautical, precise. My favourite looks, included the turquoise two-piece, and the reason why I loved this was because of how unique it was, it just isn't as nautical as the other looks, and it was suprising, but in a good way. The knitwear looked fantastic, as did the cut and length on all of the trousers, the stripes weren't too overused, and I love that the classic Gucci Horsebit Loafers were used on some looks. Honestly I don't think Frida Giannini put a foot wrong for this collection. The balance of actually looks and how much else you could do, nautical-based was perfect also, there was just the right amount of looks. Anymore looks I think could have potentially killed the collection. As always my favourite looks, in image form underneath.

Let's face it, Dean and Dan Caten always put on the most theatrical, flamboyant, amazingly cool shows for Dsquared2, like last seasons Dsquared2 penitentiary, and this seasons New York artists' studio. This is one of the main reasons why I love seeing what they've been doing over the last 4/5 months (partying in Mykonos) but not only are their shows superb, their clothes are aswell. Spring and Summer 2015 was no exception, I loved the pre-show video, which was actually quite funny but had serious parts to it, I loved the artist influence and most of all I like the fact that they're not afraid to just do what they want, and it always pays off. I did, again love this collection, but I must say that I wish there was more art related garments, but that's just me. Leave a comment on whether or not you agree with me? (All you art students out there) I enjoyed everything the designers created this season, from printed t-shirts and cartoon cat sweatshirts, right through to the neon camoflague or really short shorts (really short haha) and also to mention, the contemporary art was perfect for how contemporary the Dsquared2 brand is. I those classic D2 jeans with the sketches on, were to-die-for. Amazing. If there was an era in art, to 'draw' (sorry) inspiration from, I'm glad the twins decided youthful 1980s New York artists, with hints of one of my idols in the art world, Andy Warhol. My favourite looks for included, the blue jackets, the beige pieces with red and blue detailing, the cropped trousers, the neon colours and of courses the simple tees and sweats. I think I just mentioned every look...whoops! Images featured below.

Well, I have a new favourite brand at this seasons Milan Fashion Week menswear, and that goes to Fendi. I mean this collection was just so incredibly modern and just really fresh, as I mentioned before the menswear shows lately have been retro, so this was a much needed change I found. Absolutely everything in this collection was wearable, and with the Beats by Dr Dre collaboration, gave the collection some youth and also a slight university student feel. But obviously more luxurious. Mainly because I read somewhere, that the "faded denim turned out to be leather printed with a new technique and bonded to give it a tactile, rubbery quality." With all these hidden luxe additions made it real Fendi. But at thr end of the day, it all goes back to simply what young men wear on a day-to-day basis. I love Fendi's concept of escapism, and appreciate her take on how video games are an escape from reality and especially students, and not forgetting the headphones idea. It was all about forgetting all your problems around you and just taking a break and having some much needed 'me' time, that was how the pieces reflected on me anyway. How about you, leave a comment below on what the collection did to you? What do you all do to escape from reality? I thought I was getting a little bored of seeing sanders worn with suits, but Fendi brought something different, as did the Prada show. But unlike the Prada show, which I don't think sneakers would have worked with, I think sneakers would have looked great on some of the looks for this collection. What I really liked was the digital pixelized bomber jackets, that mixed striped jumper I thought was amazing, the pops of colour (it is a S/S collection) were really fun, those 'monster' eyes are they? that appeared on the woman's bags the last few seasons featured on what seems like a great fitting leather jacket, right through to the simplest of t-shirts. I'm just loving Fendi at the moment! And that's it for Milan Fashion Week menswear. Join me tomorrow for my personal coverage on day 1 of Paris menswear collections.

Oh and one more thing, I can't describe how happy it makes that people read and acknowledge what I have to say on my blog in regards to fashion. So seriously thank you all for that!


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