Paris Fashion Week Menswear SS15 (Day 3 and 4)

Sorry for not uploading this post on Sunday, I was just really busy spending time with family, so sorry about that. Anyway, Paris Fashion Week Menswear, I'm loving the highlights of Day 1 and 2 and the next two days didn't disappoint neither and we seen Spring and Summer collections from Maison  Martin Margiela, Comme des Garçons and a personal favourite brand of mine, Givenchy all from Day 3. Day 4 featured brands including Kenzo and Dior Homme. Also to mention that my review on Day 5 at PFWM will also go up later today hopefully.

Comme des Garçons
It's been over thirty years since Comme des Garçons made their debut in Paris, but designer Rei Kawakubo always manages to make a suprise and shock the fashion world once again. Last season it was those elephant man/alien inspired headpieces that covered models faces almost completely, designed by a long time collaboration with Julien d'ys who by the way returned this season to create some brilliant Teddy Boy quiffs. The shock this season was actually the footwear, I read somewhere that they were described as 'Tusked Winklepickers' and if you haven't seen any images of the show you'll understand what that means a little later on in the blog post. But for now think elephant meets some classic footwear. The show overall had a very military feel to it, however the concept went much beyond that, Rei Kawakubo wanted to spread the message of unnecessary violance in the world today, like troubles in Syria and Greece and many many more ruthless acts of violence. Prints played a major role in the collection as did the purity of the clothes themselves. Prints includes leopard and also a hexagonal snake print, both of which I thought gave the collection a more cultural feeling. And pinstripes were effortlessly executed. Although the collection weren't full of clothes I could imagine myself wearing, I still found it to be a very strong collection and the suit/shorts looks were amazing. Favourite looks to feature below.

Amazing collections season after season for Riccardo Tisci, and Spring/Summer 2015 was no exception, I mean this collection may even rival my absolute favourite Givenchy collection, AW11 (although it weren't as good haha) I haven't seen any videos of the collection, just images so whether or not the artwork of the 'Exploded Plane' was swinging or anything I'm unsure of, nevertheless it was still truly fantastic. Talk about building up intensity...classic Givenchy. Riccardo Tisci always draws from romanticism although this time it was mixed with a little severity, expanding on his own design philosophy with that of the Dutch artist, Paul Veroude. And to mention also, Tisci himself explained after the show, "I feel so romantic, I'm going to be forty this year!" That and the fact it was also a celebration of five extremely talented years at the fashion house. The designer also mentioned "I always come back to the dark side. It's what I'm most attracted to" and once again Riccardo Tisci pulled off something that explored the duality between uniform and aggression and transformed it into something much more romantic. The show also featured amazingly beautiful female models, including Adriani Lima, Candice Swanepoel and Irina Shayk-Yes lads, let's just have a moment to take that in...moving on. The garments were simply amazing, which again season after season never disappoints! I loved the floral prints, the knee high leather boots, the 3/4 length coats, long story short I loved everything and I'll try my best to keep my favourite looks to a minimum of six. 

Dior Homme
Ok I may sound a little hypocritical when I say this, but I loved these Dior Homme collection even though it was filled with very similar suits. Now I've got that off my chest we can continue. This season saw Kris Van Assche draw inspiration from a letter written by the legend himself Christian Dior in the 1950s, this collection would then fuse together two very important aspects of not only fashion but life in general also, traditional and modern. From the images I've seen, this SS15 show seemed very electrifying. Today I also learned that Kris Van Assche is a keen art fan, and can be found at Miami Art Basel every year. This collection began with traditional pinstripes and before you knew it, white scratch-like lines were darting all over the place across garments, and those wide striped vests were cool. Suits and denim were then even covered in the handwriting of the original designer himself. Primary colours would them play a major role, covering pieces including blazers, tees, waterproof jackets etc. Moreover, my favourite pieces were the ones covered in multi colourful scribbles, it doesn't sound like much but when you see the images of the collection a bit later on in the post I'll think you'll change your mind. I'm no trend forecaster but I can almost guarantee paint splattered denim jeans hitting the high street at the beginning of 2015. Finally, the letter yeah was discovered in the Dior archives read..."Traditions have to be maintained so they can be passed on to future generations. In troubled times like ours, we must maintain these traditions which are our luxury and the flower of out civilisation." The show not only modernised the traditional, but it modernised the modern as well. It showed great respect for the past but also looked deep into the future. Great collection from Kris Van Assche and Dior Homme. Favourite looks below.

Once again I'm sorry for not updating my blog on Sunday, and wow technically it's now Wednesday anyway I'll be posting the final day of PFWM tomorrow, a day in which we seen Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Paul Smith and Thom Browne. So join back with me tommorrow to see my personal thoughts on the shows listed above. 
Thanks for being so supportive.


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