Dressing for Autumn

Hi there, it's been too long since I last posted on my blog, so I apologise for that. Anyway I love Autumn months and not just because my birthday is in a few days, I just love these months leading up to Christmas, nights getting darker earlier, the leaves changing from greens to burnt oranges and yellows...Did I take it too far? Perhaps you get my point. For this blog post I plan I sharing my fashion ideas for the upcoming months, ideal for the changes of weather, the trends we seen from the AW14 menswear collections from back in January and a few essentials for men during the Autumn. I'll try and make this post as easy and simple as possible, and straight to the point. Enjoy!

The Perfect Coat
A perfect coat would be something I define as timeless, something that can be worn year after year and remain just as fashionable from since the day you purchased it. If I'm being completely honest I would suggest if you're looking for something to wear over and over, then I would ask you to consider to purchase a coat in a neutral colour; black, grey, navy or tan are among the most common. Not forgetting a 3/4 length wool coat looks just as good over a three-piece suit as it does with a tee, skinny jeans and a pair of boots. Unlike most items, a great coat can be found in many stores at all different kinds of prices, the best high-end coat would obviously be from places like Burberry, a brand who have specialised in this area for 158 years. As for high street fashion places like Topman, H&M or Zara have been great in the past, at an affordable price also. If you're willing to spend a little more, but maybe not as much as designer, then go check out places like Reiss or COS. As always, below are a few of my best recommendations. 

Cos £175.00

Burberry £2495.00

Saint Laurent £1525.00

Zara £159.00

Reiss £275.00

As you may have guesses, knitwear was always going to feature in this blog post, because let's face it,  who doesn't like throwing on a jumper throughout September to November, The UK's fall isn't exactly as some may think (haha) in particular, roll necks heavily influenced the AW14 mens shows. As they were seen from the likes of Tom Ford, Armani and Fendi. As in most cases, jumpers or cardigans aren't usually as pricey as the coats like I mentioned earlier, so maybe try experimenting more with your colour or pattern choices, but a vibrant blue is normally a strong choice on my behalf and like the leaves, burnt orange is a favourite of mine in Fall, but the biggest colour trend this time around is various shades of green. Sweatshirts are honestly one of my favourite fashion pieces, just because they're so easy to wear, they go with anything and they're cheap!! Look in shops like H&M or Uniqlo. Finally just to mention, I'm also excited about the artist collaboration with Uniqlo, especially the Keith Haring 'New York' hooded sweatshirt. 

Reiss £79.00

Zara £22.99

Uniqlo £24.90
Uniqlo £19.90

H&M £7.99

Shoes are very important for the Fall months, because they have to be stylish (as always haha) but they also have to be practical to survive those harsh weathers we have in the UK. As you may have figured out by now, I'm going to suggest a pair of Chelsea boots, a true timeless piece of footwear. If I'm going to suggest celebrities to look at for boots, it has to be Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw! They are always on point when it comes to choosing the perfect boots, two great style icons. Currently H&M has a nice selection of boots, as does Zara both at really affordable prices. A pair of boots I'll show a little later on in the blog post, are womans boots but they looks a lot like a pair of Saint Laurent boots, so don't rule the out straight away. Trust me. For high-end designer boots go check out websites like mr.porter.com because they have great selections. Some classic Timberland 6 inch premium boots are also a great investment piece, they are sure to stand the test of time. I own some in the tan colour. Another brand I've been looking at recently is Fyre, again a little expensive but worth investing in.

H&M £59.99

Timberland £160.00

Fyre £236.46

Saint Laurent £795.00

Zara (Womans) £79.99

Finally we come to accessories, which as we all know play a major role in finishing looks off. For Autumn, you probably don't need telling twice that a nice hat, scarf and and a pair of gloves are essentials more towards November. I learned this last year, as I went and bought a royal blue cable knit scarf from Reiss and also a pair of tan suede sheepskin ones, also from Reiss. Also a few years back I invested in some black leather Timberland gloves which I love, and they look a lot more expensive than I paid for them-always a bonus haha! So there's not much point in me showing you pictures of autumn accessories because the list is endless of what you could go for. All I would say is buy a few cheap beanie hats, Zara, Topman, also try places like Primark, you never know. I would say spend a little more on your scarf or gloves like I did, and I'm glad I did do. One last thing, I know everyone knows how related Pharrell is with the Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat, and I'm not just really late to noticing it, it's just that it's a massive inspiration for the AW14 catwalks and finally found the courage to wear one (even if it is 8 inches high) because let's face it fashion is meant to be fun, so I thought fuck it! I'm getting one...but black only, not fuchsia pink-I don't want to look like an idiot (haha)

Vivienne Westwood Buffalo Hat £95.00