What I got for Christmas...

Before I begin this blog post, I would just like to say I am not in any way, shape or form gloating about what I received for Christmas this year. Now that's cleared I would just like to say I hope you all had a truly wonderful time spending Christmas with family and friends, giving and receiving everything you had wished and hoped for, and hopefully you'll all enjoy this upcoming blog post, so let's begin shall we.

My first main present was the iPhone 6 Plus, as you may have guessed I was due an upgrade of phone as my contract with my beloved iPhone 5 ended in November, so I waited what 5 weeks I think to open and actually use this phone (I deserve a medal for that). I decided on the Plus because if you follow me on Instagram, which you all should haha! anyway I love drawing on the Sketchbook App, and I went from having the Dell Streak a very large but not very good phone to having an amazing phone but with a smaller screen. I just wanted to recapture the screen size I guess and I'm also thinking about getting a WACOM Bamboo stylus to draw with. Let me know in the comments what they're like if you use one to digitally paint with.

My second main present was an Apple iMac, I know I literally still cannot believe I am the owner of an iMac. I've wanted one for so long and now I finally have one. My previous computer was Ok but I'd had a long time and it was relatively quite slow and generally took up quite a bit of desk space, now my area is much cleaner and sharper. I set it up yesterday, Boxing Day and it took less than ten minutes from opening the box to setting everything up, astonishing, I know. I went for the smaller size because I feel that the larger monitor would have looked too big on my desk maybe? I am going to get so much work done on this and as for 2015 I want to really take my blog seriously, post on a schedule, and just kind of explore more if you know what I mean. Should I add more lifestyle to my blog, anyway I'll decide on where to take my blog from here soon.

The last thing I want to do is ramble on and bore you with all the presents I received for Christmas so I'll try to make my labels as short as possible. here are some of the smaller presents I received below...

These are a couple things I got to wear on Christmas Day, because I don't know about you but I ask for "Christmas Clothes" I'm sure I'm not the only one. I got a really cool T-Shirt from Paris fashion house Sandro and it featured a print of a Sonic Youth Album Cover. If we go back to my first ever blog post, you may remember that I wrote about sheepskin coats and this year finally saw me get one. It's kind of a modern take on the original, which I love and it was from Zara.

From what I hear on the Zara website, the jacket is also reversible, although I'm not too sure as to whether it is or not.

I recently bought a small bookcase from IKEA for my room and lately I've been interested in buying like fashion and art books, and this Christmas I got a really cool book from Aprill77 which is really cool you should go check it out. Anyway the book is entitled "A Scene In Between" and it is basically the fashions of the UK Indie Music scene from 1980-1988. So I'm really looking forward to reading this and hopefully gaining some inspiration from it.

I got a pair of boots from Dune, and I've been trying to find some Tan Suede Ankle boots for like-ever and when I seen these on the Shopstyle.com I just had to get them. The harness strap adds a really cool, rockstar edge to them, think Saint Laurent only a fraction of the price. I'll of course wear these boots with some really skinny jeans...as you may have already guessed.

Everybody loves bath/wash stuff especially girls, but as of late it's slowly creeping into every boy's essentials as well. I love getting Soap and Glory stuff for Christmas, it honestly makes me really excited, is that sad? Anyway let's continue if it's not too awkward haha and there's not tons of Soap and Glory products I would actually use so it made sense not to get the huge box of products, not the fact they had sold out absolutely everywhere, so I narrowed it down to "Rich and Famous" "Sugar Crush" and "Smoothie Breakfast Scrub" Don't they just come up with the best names for there products? And I also got a tin of Bulldog Face Wash and Moisturiser which I haven't used for a long time, but I really loved it when I did. #MansBestFriend

I had been going on about getting into photography for a while now and owning a great range of cameras. I've been interested in the late 90's early 00's fashion scene lately (Grunge and Techno) and my mum bought me a really cool Polaroid camera from I think 2002? I may be wrong but I can't wait to start using it in the near future.

I've actually been wearing a lot more leisure clothing lately so I received a hoody from Topman, really simple and understated, very versatile as it will go with a load of outfits as a sort of extra fashionable layer for the cold months ahead, or worn alone in the warmer months.

My best attempt at folding neatly.

Disaronno and Coke is my go-to drink and what better way to get one, than a Versace designed bottle. I want to start collecting these so it looks like I'll have to buy the Moschino bottle just so this one doesn't get too lonely haha!

The World's most expensive set of wires, but What's the point of having £280.00 headphones if the don't work ay'?

How cute are my Nan and Granddad, as well as receiving money off of them they also got me a huge bag of hair products etc. as they know how important my quiff is to me.

And also magazines to add to my ever growing collection...

Well other than receiving money that's everything I received for Christmas, and once again I hope you all had a brilliant time over the Christmas Holidays and now let's look forward to celebrating New Years Eve and the new year ahead of us. Here's to 2014.