Givenchy Fall 2015 (PFW Menswear)

It was a sinister tribal, voodoo ritual at Givenchy this season. As Riccardo Tisci opens up his cabinet of curiosities to life, full of life and death with skulls, skin covered in pearls, terrifying ghouls as faces and an interesting maze-like runway covered in red glitter with stairs and vintage collectables dotted around. To me it felt a lot like the type of shop you would find in a New Orleans antique shop, If you watch The Originals you may have a better understanding of what I mean. Hopefully. The designer himself said backstage "I'm collecting dreams". Not that he hasn't include woman in his collections before, in fact last season featured some of today's biggest supermodels, but no this season felt slightly different as he did say this dream had to include woman, so of course he created a handful of womenswear looks. In fact the main inspiration and what Riccardo Tisci wanted to capture was the concept of romanticism, witches, angels, Peru and skulls. Which he did excellently. This may have been my favourite menswear collection since Fall 2011's Rottweiler infused collection. I don't know about you but I prefer Givenchy's dark side to catholicism rather than it's light inside. Leave a comment on which side to Givenchy you prefer. Tisci also mentioned "The devil is not always bad" which is interesting nonetheless. Back to the make-up which was done by Pat McGrath, faces were smeared dark to light, as though the soul was being taken away right at this very instant, abstracted skulls were created or were they abstract? maybe they were skulls of an animal used in some sort of death ritual, eyes were smudged black, fringes were marcelled into place, hair was braided, shells were tied to glitter enhanced face masks, mouths were either stitched shut and flakes of paint had been dripped onto girls faces and bodies which also had a ritual vibe going on. The Mexican rug prints were amazing, the leather, fur and shearling was intense, but not as intense as the red and black show-space which again reminded me of the black room with red rose arch for Fall 2011. That necklace with rope tied around the neck with jaws and very large canines were worn onto the chest and those bells hanging from certain models and animal tails hanging from bodies also. I just can't get over this collection. There t-shirts and sweatshirts were restricted in comparison to past collection but this time they had a sort of burnt effect that looked like it was still alight and I think some had bones printed on them but I may be wrong. Here are my  favourite looks below.

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

Hi so today's blog post was a little different because I am actually at my cousin's wedding today. So I thought I would choose my favourite show from yesterday and write a lot of detail about it. Tomorrow I will be making it for it by uploading two posts. Sorry for any inconvenience. Here's a video from the show below...

The Wolf of High Street