Saint Laurent Paris Fall 2015 (PFW Menswear)

Every season I think surely this collection cannot be better than the collection previous, but once again last night proved just that. Last night of course featured the latest menswear collection for Saint Laurent under the creative direction of Hedi Slimane and was his fifth runway/menswear ready-to-wear collection at the Parisian Fashion House. In the past we've witnessed 90's Seattle Grunge, 60's London, 70's Glam Rock and Psychedelia, but this season we seen the modern day rockstar residing in Paris. Everybody dressed in the super skinny silhouette Hedi Slimane brought back when he first joined Dior over ten years ago. Skin-tight jeans, perfectly cut and fitted tuxedo jackets, the classic leather biker jackets, boots with 8cm block heels just to give you that little extra height. If you need it that is. You get what I mean, they were updated versions of staple Saint Laurent wardrobe essentials. The set in which Hedi Slimane designs every season was amazing as you may have guessed, this huge architectural, geometric rotating structure covered in thousands of LED lights. Like previous seasons, a mixture of models, musicians and street-cast boys and girls walked out from beneath it. Like I mentioned with Junya Watanabe, you can't choreograph the way they walk or the actions they take, this I feel gives the show more of an edge, more believability and trueness. The artist this time around (Slimane collaborates with a different artist each season) was yet another Los Angeles based artist Oscar Tuazon, just where does he find these people? The name given to the show was "Paris Sessions" which symbolised Hedi's spiritual recognition of Saint Laurent and love for Paris even though he lives and designs in Los Angeles. What else helped symbolise the raw capability behind the show and Paris was in fact some models worn none other than berets which featured bands pins. Out of all the shows this past three weeks, and my constant mentioning of this year's biggest fashion must-have...the leather jeans, I can safely say the ones part of the latest Saint Laurent collection were my favourite. Although the ones with twenty zips were great they may take a while to come to terms with. I also loved the sheer shirts with the incorporated scarf, which I first seen by fellow French brand, April77. Statement coats were the pinnacle of yesterday's show as well, coming in zebra and leopard print, shiny alligator, metallic silver and the brightest pink I think I've ever seen, honestly they were spectacular. Also a thing I love that are part of the Saint Laurent shows, is that the most interesting people sat front row, it's the guests sat cross-legged on the floor. I feel this concept brings equality and togetherness, whether you're a billionaire fashion executive or a member of a band. So that is it for my personal review of Saint Laurent, what did you think of the show? I would honestly love to know. Leave a comment below and don't forget to join back later for my final day at Paris Fashion Week Menswear, with brands including Thom Browne, Lanvin and British legend Paul Smith. Here are my favourite ten looks and link to the video below.

Saint Laurent

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