London College of Fashion Interview

On Wednesday 25th February, I visited London with my mum to attend my interview to study menswear design at the London College of Fashion. The fact that I had already had an interview at Liverpool the week before reduced my nerves dramatically. However getting dressed in the morning and concluding what I should wear was quite daunting as in three hours I would be in one of the coolest places for fashion and art, Shoreditch. The train we were on going was the busiest train I had ever been on in my life, thank goodness for reserved seats! I think trains were cancelled in Wigan and they had to board ours. But we made it on time as planned and arrived in Euston station on time at roughly 12:05pm and was in the area of the interview in less than thirty minutes.

Below are just a few photographs I took whilst in the taxi on route to my interview for LCF.

Below is a photograph of what I got from Pret-a-Manger and this was the first time I had been in one of these. I loved it, it was really relaxed and a perfect way to kill time, waiting for my interview at 1:30pm.

When it was time for the interview process to begin, we went to the building at 100 Curtain Road, Shoreditch. My mum departed and I sat for half an hour with a lovely group of students in the same position as me, from all different places and backgrounds. Some from Manchester, and I think one lad said he was from Leicester and one girl had experience tailoring on Savile Row, how cool is that. At around 2pm we took our portfolios to the interview room, and left them there to be viewed privately, and were invited to return in an hour to be interview one to well two essentially haha!

As I met back up with my mum, we walked for ten minutes to Old Spitalfields Market which as expected was so cool, the people and just the general area. I took some photographs on the way and in and around the market.

When we returned, my mum then left me once again and I met back up with the group of people I'd briefly met before. As I sat for the better part of 2 and 1/2 hours for my fifteen minute interview I felt like I had gotten to know these other students quite well haha! We spoke about fashion in general, what designers we like, the design style and influences we each had, other universities we had applied for and also what work we had brought along with us today. They were truly a great bunch of people.

In the interview, I was asked five questions as everyone was, questions like: What drives your inspiration? Favourite designers? Where do you see yourself in five years? Gain from the course? and one more I can't quite remember. The questions prior to the interview I thought would be intimidating, but they were the complete opposite, because of how welcoming the two gentlemen were. After the questions were asked and answered, I was asked to discuss a project I had been working on and I chose the "Urban Environment" the most recently finished project I had done. I felt like the interview went well, although they give a whole lot away. Next week I find out whether I get an offer or not, so yeah it's quite a tense weekend I guess. Wish me luck! When I left at about 5:30pm I met back up with my mum and we headed towards the River Thames, enjoy some sights although it was getting on to dark at that stage, walk along the embankment and maybe grab something to eat before heading back home. Here are some of the photographs I took.

Overall I had an amazing day, mainly because London is the greatest city in the world. I've only been a handful of times and the very first time I went, I knew this is where I would love to live. It's just so cool and incredibly energetic, if you want to make it in fashion (successfully) you have to start by living in London I think. I'm still awaiting to hear from Central Saint Martins about whether or not I have an interview and if I do, those interviews are estimated to be held on the 2nd and/or 16th April. Two dates because CSM is the best fashion school in the world and it would be an absolute pleasure to study either menswear or womenswear there, so that is why I chose two courses. Join me next Friday for another blog post upload at...

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