Dolce and Gabbana's Shocking Statement

When I woke up this morning, I was shocked to hear the news that Italian-born fashion design legends Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were so against same-sex parents and naming all IVF babies "synthetic". As fellow gay people themselves and having been in a relationship with each other for 23 years, I just never imagined they'd be so against something like this? To say the following sentences in an interview: "We oppose gay adoptions. The only family is the traditional one" and "Wombs for rent - Sperm chosen from a catalogue" those statements alone are just so offensive in today's society. It's a statement from the dark-ages. In times where it is almost 100% certain for people who can't have children naturally to still have the family they've always longed for, be that same-sex parents or whatever. Technology as we all know has come such a long way even over the past thirty or so years, and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is one of few ways that allow people to have the children they've always wanted, that of course alongside adoption and surrogacy. So why would you want to deprive people of having children? I just cannot seem to get my head around that, but maybe that's just me.

As you may already be aware, someone who spoke up about their feelings with what was said, was Sir Elton John who has two children with husband David Furnish. The two became parents in both 2010 and 2013 through a surrogate mother in the United States. David Furnish wrote on his Instagram the following...

I also completely agree with him going on to say to The Guardian "It's quite outrageous that two gay fashion designers who have relied on the gay community for much of their success are opposing gay equality." and both Sir Elton John and David Furnish I think are set to burn all of the clothes designed by Dolce and Gabbana and even want all future sales of Dolce and Gabbana products banned, with the worldwide-trending hashtag #BoycottDolceGabbana

As much as I disagree with the Italian duo and what they said, I still don't agree with their garments being banned. At the end of the day it was them as individuals who personally expressed their thoughts. Not their business or brand, even if they are they are the ones who established the famous Italian fashion house. I don't know, but if I'm being honest, I don't think their business should be affected, however I can't help but think it probably will.

One same-sex couple who prove it is perfectly fine to have children, so long as you love, protect and would do anything for them, is Modern Family's Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker, better known as "Mitch and Cam". They may be fictional characters and they may have had children through adoption not IVF, but that doesn't take away from the perfect example they set as a gay couple and as gay parents. Both hilarious and relaxed, however they will always be there for their daughter Lily and they love and support one-another just the same as all couples, gay or straight. However, they're also so real; they have fights, they argue, they make mistakes and at times they act like children. Be that dressing up as your alter-ego "Fizbo" the Clown or dressing up as Spiderman to go to work for Halloween. It doesn't matter what they get up to, they will always be there for their daughter. They're terrific parents and just want the best for their adopted daughter, Lily.

Click the image above, to watch a video that sums up their relationship perfectly.

Today's blog post was a little different from what I would normally post. However because of the shocking discrimination made by people who have played a major role in the fashion industry, I couldn't not say anything. So I hope you enjoyed reading it and it taught you a thing or two about same-sex relationships or same-sex parenting. Join me this Friday for my scheduled upload. Who knows what topic we'll discuss? but goodbye for now.

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