Final Major Project

Hi, sorry for not posting on Friday and I know this sounds really bad, but honestly I completely forgot, I think since posting my favourite TV shows midweek. Anyway I have recently started my Final Major Project on my foundation course in art and design and I thought I'd share with you all what I am basing my project on. The title of my project is "1990's A Decade of Nostalgia" and I have narrowed the 90's down to be influenced by certain moments of this time, Grunge, Brit-pop, Trance and "Heroin Chic" which was made famous by the likes of models like Kate Moss and designers like Calvin Klein. I have only just started the project so there isn't that much to show you, but here is what I have so far. My project brief, is where I have to state everything I've learned so far on the course and what techniques or strategies will help me in my FMP, what I intend on researching and what will influence me, films, music and designers-wise. I also have a mind-map to show you, because I love getting all my ideas down on paper before I forget anything, I also have a mood board I created for constant influences and a title page. Oh and also a few early experiments I made using iPhone apps, MegaPhoto and Glitché based on an 1990's item, a pair of Nike Air Max 95 sneakers. See I told you I didn't have much to show you, but here is what I have regardless.

Above is my mind map, with hopefully all the ideas and routes i could go down as possible.

Here is my mood board, the images include a couple from Calvin Klein, one with Kate Moss and her younger half sister Lottie Moss, modelling the CK Jeans reissue. Some old Raf Simons collections, which is from SS2002 but I thought I'd go either way into the late 1980's and early 2000's. Kevin and Perry of course, for that bedroom wannabe DJ concept and just general fashion related to this decade. There are also some old photographs of me and my family featured on there as well.

The title is facing the wrong way round, because I am going to emulsion-transfer this straight into my sketchbook and because it is going to be pressed down, it has to be flipped in order to read correctly. The title reads: "1990's A Decade of Nostalgia: Grunge, Trance, Ecstasy, Rave". Below are a few early experiments I made using my iPhone.

So there you have it, my Final Major Project so far to date. For all updates on my fashion designing, be sure to follow me on Instagram and one more time I'm sorry for not updating my blog last Friday. Be sure to join me this Friday, unless I forget again, but for now, goodbye.

The Wolf of High Street