Met Gala 2015 Best Dressed

Hi, before we start with the post I would just like to say I am sorry for posting this a day late, although whilst we're on the topic of apologising I was actually planning to post this the day after the event had happened. If you don't already know, the Met Gala is an annual fundraising event hosted by Anna Wintour (US Vogue) since 1995 for the Costume Institute and held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. It is the only night of the year (Other than Halloween) where celebrities can get dressed up in extravagant costumes, although what seem a lot like high-end couture gowns without looking a fool. Anyway, it celebrates the beginning of the upcoming fashion exhibitions held at the museum and this year it was entitled "China Through the Looking Glass". Here are my top 20 favourite outfits of the night.

20. FKA Twigs wearing Christopher Kane, Robert Pattinson in Dior Homme 

This dress by Christopher Kane is so cool, perfect for an equally cool FKA Twigs. The dress was perfect for a night in celebration of Chinese Heritage. Oh and Robert Pattinson looks super handsome wearing Dior Homme although that may have been a little predictable since fronting the campaign for their latest fragrance last year. Keeping it young and fresh looking with the choice of neck attire.

19. Rita Ora wearing Tom Ford

No one does formalwear with a cool, sexy edge quite like Tom Ford and Rita Ora looks simply amazing wearing this. I really adore Rita Ora as an artist and person, and I love this dress, everything about them both combined. That high collar, shoulders and it being tied around the neck just tops it all off, perfect for the occasion. Sexy would be an understatement. 

18. Madonna wearing Jeremy Scott for Moschino

Ok this perhaps may not have been my favourite outfit of the night and I don't see how the graffiti concept ties into China, but let's face it Madonna looks incredible wearing this number by Jeremy Scott. I mean this is a 56 year-old woman and she completely owns this look as she has done throughout her career. I also have a lot of respect for Madonna after what she's been through the last couple of months and she looked way better than Katy Perry (Who also wore Moschino) a woman half her age. And if that doesn't prove age is just a number, I don't what will. (Stephen Jones) Hats off to her.

17. Kendall Jenner wearing Calvin Klein

As you may already know, I am currently obsessed with the 1990's and this custom Calvin Klein dress emphasised that perfectly. Simple shape, with the perfect highlights for Kendall's amazing body and block Jade green colour. However what brought it to life and into 2015 was it's construction techniques, with it's completely hand-sewn crystals and beading from Womenswear Creative Director of the brand, Francisco Costa. A short video shows you the process of making the dress on Calvin Klein's Instagram feed.

16. Solange Knowles wearing Giles

Another hot contender for coolest outfit of the night. I mean this dress received a lot of hate, and honestly some people just need to grow up! It's a Gala held in name of the Costume Institute for God's sake. I love everything about this Giles Deacon dress, the shape and that print I just died over, again perfect for the Chinese basis of the event. And one last thing, I think it was safe to say I don't think there would have been any punching Jay-Z wearing this.

15. Joan Smalls wearing Roberto Cavalli

Only a supermodel like Joan Smalls could pull off this incredible purple, figure-hugging Roberto Cavalli gown, with one shoulder design and racy, sheer black panels/cut-outs, with a sexy and shiny black choker. She looks absolutely radiant in this gown. I honestly don't feel the need to say anymore other than "Boing, Wow, Wabawababa!" Great outfit.

14. Zendaya wearing Fausto Puglisi

Cutest outfit of the night has to have gone to Zendaya without a single doubt in my mind. I would just like to take a moment to say, I love how into the Chinese influence, thought and vibe each guest and designer at/for the Met Gala put into each of their outfits and Zendaya's Fausto Puglisi dress had that down to a T. I love the simple black plunging v-neck velvet bodice contrasted against that wonderful, bold Chinese Sun motif skirt and train with hand-embroidered crystals, and the jewellery was also on point. Zendaya and her outfit was clearly more focused on fierce beauty over "Disney" girl.

13. Georgia May Jagger wearing Gucci

Georgia May Jagger cleverly opted for a take on Chinese sophistication wearing a beautiful, lilac, floor-length Gucci Kimono gown. Surprisingly, I think this was the only kimono seen at the Met Gala. And I think I'm right when I say this (please correct me if I'm wrong) the Kimono is technically a Japanese garment but was adopted by Chinese culture many centuries ago? So I think that is why this Gucci version is acceptable to wear to this year's Met Gala. Anyway she looks irresistible wearing it regardless of it's traditions. I also don't think any other designer would have designed this Kimono as well as Gucci did, so congratulations to them on such a tremendous creation and for Georgia May Jagger pulling it off with such ease.

12. Imogen Poots wearing Alberta Ferretti 

Nothing screams sexual ambiguity quite like a black long sleeve, sheer with lace detailing, floor-length, almost gothic Alberta Ferretti gown. This dress is to die for. Literally. Her blonde hair alongside the red lipstick, which was also the best colour choice to go hand in hand with for this Alberta Ferretti gown. Let's be serious now, Imogen Poots likes absolutely gorgeous wearing this and fully deserves her place in my top 20 outfits at the Met Gala 2015.

11. Alexa Chung wearing Erdem

Alexa Chung is truthfully one of the most naturally beautiful girls in the world today and one of Britain's most prized possessions. Alexa Chung looked the prettiest at the Met Gala this year in this wonderful Chinese inspired, floral chine jacquard dress by Erdem Moralioglu. I loved everything about this entire outfit, from the shape of the dress, strapless bodice, the colour, material and pattern. I also love that she brought Erdem along with her to the event.

10. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing Atelier Versace

One of the most inspiring woman in the world of fashion, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks amazing in this shimmering pearl coloured Atelier Versace gown. I loved how interesting the overall shape of the dress was and with those nude sheer parts being where they were made this an awkward dress to wear, but she rocked it! Looking like a beautiful, sparking innocent little mermaid which if you're unsure about Rosie? was actually a compliment. Moreover, the slicked side-parted hairstyle, berry lips and high slit revealing those incredible legs gave this look that edge is so very needed. 

9. Cara Delevingne wearing Stella McCartney

If anyone was going to come to the Met Gala dressed in a racy, edgy black tailored jumpsuit with bonus tattoo details, it was going to be none other than the most sought after model in the world today, a Miss Cara Delevingne. The Cherry Blossom tattoo designs took a whopping five artists and eleven hours in the makeup chair, impressive. I adore the simplicity of the outfit, with the cut-outs and bejewelled bra adding that touch of exquisite to the jumpsuit. Finally, I also loved the contrast between nude coloured lips and tied back hair and dramatic smokey eyes. Cara Delevingne definitely brought a bit of China to the Met Gala along with her (and Stella McCartney of course).

8. Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Custom H&M and Philip Treacy headwear

The (Red) Queen of the Met Gala, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a custom piece she designed in collaboration with Swedish high-street giant H&M. SJP was one guest that fully took on board the China influences when helping design her wonderful and fiery Met Ball gown. She was also actually one of quite a few guests that wore custom high-street garments, most other wearing custom Topshop. I loved the Asian patchwork detail down one side of the gown and also the asymmetric one shoulder design. All oven jokes aside, let's not forget about the intricate head piece with amazing fringe down the opposite side to the dress' patchwork detail, by legend milliner Philip Treacy. Does this top last year's Signature Oscar de la Renta ball gown designed for the Charles James Met Gala Exhibition? Hmmm...

7. Emily Ratajkowski wearing Topshop Bespoke

It might well be a Gala with the upcoming Costume Exhibition in mind, but that certainly doesn't take away from the fact that is a beautifully designed Topshop Bespoke dress and Emily looks incredible and so confident in it. Having said that she could have worn a bin bag with the Chinese alphabet scrawled across it and she still would have looked fantastic. It may also be the simplest outfit in my list, but still managed to secure 7th place and rightfully so. She has a perfect olive skin tone to pull this light shade off and the details on this dress are beautiful. The metallic gold platform heels are also the perfect match and super cool.

6. Jennifer Lopez wearing Versace pictured with Donatella Versace herself

Jennifer Lopez was responsible for wearing one-out-of-three very similar looks, as she arrived at the 2015 Met Gala wearing Versace. It takes a strong, confident woman to show so much flesh and to bare an emblazoned dragon, China's most powerful symbol across their body and Jennifer Lopez is just that. When I first saw the dragon on the gown, I thought that was a little predictable and that loads of guests would have wore one also, when in fact I think this was the only dragon at the Met Gala's China Through the Looking Glass. It was definitely battle of the best body, spilt between Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. You'll soon see which order I placed the three in, however I want to see what order you'd have placed them in, leave a comment below stating them in order.

5. Beyonce wearing Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci

Everywhere Beyonce goes, she steals the show with what she wears and this was exactly one of those occasions because she look absolutely in-cred-ib-le in this Givenchy Haute Couture gown. I am yet to see a bad creation by Riccardo Tisci. Another dominating woman Beyonce is. I loved the bejewelled dress, which kept the dress from being completely sheer. The high ponytail was also a cool touch to the look. However, I believe there was a four hour wait for Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z to arrive, and I didn't feel the wait was worth it all that much so that is why Beyonce's Givenchy gown didn't make it any higher in my list. 

4. Mary Kate and Ashley wearing Vintage John Galliano for Dior

The Olsen twins I think have been attending the Met Gala Costume Institute since I think 2006, so they've definitely had some experience on how to dress for such an event. I love the dark, gothic twist they played on the Chinese influences, both wearing Vintage Dior by the master that is John Galliano. The master who made a triumphant return to fashion earlier this year showing his first Couture collection for Maison Margiela a few months back and later the Ready-to-Wear lines. All of which I loved, and learning about the Couture show, with the menswear coats and their lining in that Vogue video was inspiring. It shows a wonderful amount of respect wearing such a vintage piece and I love the Olsen twins for doing so. Everybody's favourite celebrity twins fully deserved the fourth place finish on my Met Gala best dressed list.

3. Kim Kardashian wearing Roberto Cavalli by Peter Dundas

The potential world's most famous woman, Kimmy K placed an impressive third in my best dressed list, however she won the battle over J-Lo and Beyonce but unfortunately lost the war. This was the first thing Peter Dundas had ever created working under the Roberto Cavalli fashion house, and what a job he'd sone. I loved this dress and Kim Kardashian was a perfect candidate wearing it. This dress has been compared to what both Cher and Beyonce had worn in the past, but honestly who cares? Some people need to get their head out of the past and quickly into the present, because Kim Kardashian looked incredible in this dress and that is that. Woah! I feel like I just made my debut on E's Fashion Police with that statement...bitch. Anyway back to this wonderful Cavalli creation, this was an immaculate gown, and with that feathered bottom and overall appearance it was perfect for the Met Gala occasion.

2. Rihanna wearing Guo Pei

As hilarious as the jokes surrounding this dress were, you simply cannot take away by how amazing and how good Rihanna looked in this huge custom gown by Guo Pei for the Met Gala 2015. This dress was not only worn on the Met Gala red carpet, it became the red carpet it was that big! But just take a moment to sit and stare and realise just how wonderful it actaully is. I only just recently learned that this gown took a whopping two whole years to make. The gown speaks China influence for itself. I would like to take a minute to say how much respect I have for the designer, not taking the jokes regarding the dress looking and being compared to a giant pizza or omelette, and laughing along with them, stating that "Rihanna is wearing this dress for entertainment - not for a fashion show". So yeah wonderful gown and rightfully placed at number 2 on my list.

1. Amal Clooney wearing John Galliano for Maison Margiela

John Galliano is slowly taking over the fashion universe once again, Galliano is arguably the greatest designer to have ever lived and he dressed one lucky lady to this year's Met Gala, George Clooney's wife Amal. How simple (well...) and gorgeous is this red gown that she worn on Monday night? Very. A photo was shared on Instagram of what I guess to be the last fitting of the dress and it had Anna Wintour in the back, John working away and other couturiers all wearing the famous Margiela white lab coats. The red-carpet matching gown featured a heavily studded bodice and and tulle layered skirt and looked incredible. Did I already say that? This also gives me the perfect opportunity to express my feelings over John Galliano, yes he's a brilliant designer and what he said was wrong, but he's also really apologetic towards the anti-semetic remarks he made four years ago, those that lost him is job as Creative Director for Dior. People seriously need to get over it now and stop holding it against him, he's apologised over and over and I just think there's nothing else he can do now so like I said, get over it and move on. Well, now that's off my chest I feel I can conclude this Maison Margiela gown and my top 20 list and finally state it as my favourite outfit of the Met Gala 2015 "China Through the Looking Glass".

So there you have it, my top twenty looks from the Met Gala 2015. I hope you enjoyed reading it and again sorry for posting a day late. Join me Friday, you hopefully know where by now so goodbye until next time. Stay safe and have fun.

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