Gosha Rubchinskiy: Youth Hotel

Before I commence with the blog post, I would firstly like to say hi to everyone and secondly apologise for not updating my blog in way too long. There's no excuse really, except this past Summer I've been (over) thinking a lot about my future and without getting too deep or emotional about it, I have decided to hold off going to uni for now because A) Not feeling quite ready and B) Studying menswear at Central Saint Martins is my dream, which I am not giving up on. Other than the stress of not knowing what I am doing with my life, panicking, I have decided to complete a Fashion BTEC. Which in many ways feels like I am standing still, if not heading in the wrong direction, but hopefully in two years time if I do get accepted onto the Central Saint Martins menswear course, it'll definitely have been worth it. Anyway, having started about a month back now, I can honestly say I love it and I am learning tons of new things each day, but now it is time to get back blogging as often as possible - in fact I will be writing about a couple womenswear shows, something I've never attempted before.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on so much, I did intend for it to be short. Gosha Rubchinskiy is set to release another photographic journal, entitled Youth Hotel. Set to allow us to delve into the lives of boys from his motherland, Russia and like most of the designer's work, it explores youth and how so many of us try to hang onto it for as long as possible. It is being published by IDEA Books and if you're unsure for as to who they are, they are an amazing explorer of rare art, fashion and design. A casual photographer since his college days, explaining in an interview with AnOther "When I was at college, I just started taking pictures of things that interested me on these basic retro cameras. My friends, the clothes I was making and the daily places we would hang out," eventually going on to explain "I want people to be able to see the world through my eyes, you know?".

Youth Hotel releases next Thursday 15th October and will be available from Comme des Garçons Trading Museum in Paris, Dover Street Market stores in select locations including New York, Ginza, and London in particular is where Gosha himself will be signing copies of the book, so for a chance to meet one of the best talents in menswear right now, get yourself down to DSM London because it sounds incredible. The book will also be available from IDEA Books the next day. However, as there are only a total of 500 copies worldwide I would recommend clicking the link to reserve one, as I imagine if they're anything like his clothes, they'll sell out almost in an instant. Gosha ended his interview with AnOther talking about how "young people have new ideas, new ways and a new look on normality, that's why I follow them and why they make the best portraits. For me, this book represents a new generation of hope, the future of Russia now" he concludes.

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