Per Götesson Debuts for MAN at London Collections: Men SS17

Per Götesson Spring/Summer 2017
It's not often you find yourself graduating from the Royal College of Art one day and debut for Fashion East and Topman's menswear incubator MAN show the next. Well in fact that is what Per Götesson did just yesterday as he shown his MA graduate collection and first ever menswear show in two consecutive days. Astonishingly, only importing just one look from his previous collection the night before. He's that spark, that the many experts on the MAN panel see raw, at times volatile, but nonetheless experimental potential in. But he wasn't alone, no, he was joined alongside another MAN debut and RCA graduate Feng Chen Wang and in his second of a maximum of a three season sentence, Loverboy Charles Jeffrey.

Models at first, stood static around a bunch of highly-stacked, highly-stained mattresses with bunk-bed style ladders surrounding them and looking like they'd once been slept on by a certain Tracey Emin, before wondering down the catwalk. Denim would dominate the collection and it looked simply incredible. And rightfully so, Götesson spent a short amount of time whilst studying on his BA as a design assistant with (also) Swedish denim masters Cheap Monday. It was complemented by found objects and materials, melted together to form accessories that featured a vaguely threatening nightstick decorated with studs and drinks can's ring-pulls. The collection on a whole had a real rip-it-off-stitch-it-back-on-throw-it-all-together-almost-minimal approach to it. It emphasised his no fuss, no frills aesthetic. He's someone who in the past has declared his love for Ann-Sofia Back and original minimalist Martin Margiela. Clothes were worn loosely and denim was wide. So wide in fact it made JNCO Mammoths seem skinny. The reasoning behind said jeans is partly a personal connection between designer and product, Per Götesson stands 6ft. 4 inches tall and is ultimately concerned with the effect on physical scale on viewed proportion. In an interview with Dazed Magazine, he mentions about the possibilities of developing a more concept-based diffusion brand in the future, specialising in t-shirts and jeans, like his former co-designers at Cheap Monday - that would be interesting to see if it plays out. I had hoped the collection be larger, but considering he shown an almost completely separate Masters collection the night before I'll let it slide. Not forgetting the clothes that were shown I loved. Commercial? Yes, but not to say that they lacked creativity. This guy, he's determined and if his two most recent collections are to go by, he's sure to have a bright future.


Images courtesy of Dazed Digital and Vogue Runway
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