Vetements appoints new Collection Director

There's one particular absence from this season's Paris Fashion Week that's playing on everyone's mind, of course that is cult collective, Vetements.  The reason being, as I'm sure you're all aware, the brand has decided to bring forward their womenswear collections to show in January and June, as oppose to February and September - which would result in their clothes being on the shop floor for longer.

A week after announcing the brand's second photo book in collaboration with IDEA Books, the label that started out as the name that just simply made clothes (Vetements is French for clothes), have appointed Nina Nitsche as new Collection Director for Vetements. This means that under the direction of leading figure Demna Gvasalia, is now in charge of the design team that make up the remains of the Vetements collective. "Now it's becoming adult," where the words of Demna Gvasalia. Nina Nitsche isn't just a nobody though, I mean she may have gone under the radar to some, but that's expected, given the fact she's spent the last twenty-plus years of her life working for fashion's most anonymous label, Maison Margiela. A portion of which was spent working as first assistant to Martin Margiela himself. After his departure, she stepped into the role as lead designer. So, Nina and Demna aren't that different. The first Vetements collection under the direction of both Demna Gvasalia and Nina Nitsche isn't happening until January, when I first read this I thought thats ages away, but today is already October 2nd, this year is moving to quickly and that first show will be happening in no time. Whether you love Vetements or hate Vetements, everyone wants to check it out.

Hopefully you'll have noticed the strikingly large image above of Vetements muse Paul Hameline, well that's because, that photo book I mentioned earlier, Vetements Summercamp releases tomorrow via. the Comme des Garçons Trading Museum in Paris, releases exclusively in Dover Street Market London, New York and Ginza on the 4th, and will be made available to purchase online and from select stores on Wednesday, October 5th. The Vetements brand has established itself in a very short period as a group of friends and collaborators who love fashion and clothes in general and just simply want to make clothes, so far they haven't and hopefully perhaps never will conform to the means of corporate fashion. Last season, the brand all for the "clothes" were invited to show during couture week. It makes sense and it seems like the natural thing to do, to show this photo book in the context of a summer camp. Think about a summer camp, and think of all the different types of characters that spend the entirety of their Summer there. Not necessarily outcasts, but often youths with some sort of weird quality. You can't help but think of the togetherness though. I'm obsessed with weird, awkward teenagers, in some ways they're my muse, which explains my excitement over this photo book. The 480-page book, shot in a beautiful chateau in Northern France, is said to be the most complete, most extensive visual record of a fashion collection ever to be published. It will include the collaborations with Juicy Couture, Brioni, Champion, Reebok and Manolo Blahnik. 

Images courtesy of Dazed Digital, photography by Pierre-Ange Carlotti

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